International Samba Day is a cultural project, which main objectives are to promote and spread the knowledge of Samba around the globe!

Samba dance is already recognised worldwide as an icon of Brazilian national identity, and it is strongly linked to the sounds of samba and bossa nova music, images of Carnaval with it's famous dancers known as “Mulatas”, and dance style called “Samba no Pé”.

Among various Brazilian partner dance styles that became popular Internationally in recent years there is Samba de Gafieira.

The passion for Samba is clearly noticeable by wonderful energy in the dance halls and dedication of each student and professional always overcome challenges, and learn more. However, all samba communities still need to unite their strengths and spread the love for this beautiful dance inspiring more and more people around the world.

The National Samba Day is celebrated on the 2nd of December.
Our mission is to bring everybody together from all over the world to dance a simple choreography, to help every community that is working with this dance style to grow bigger and stronger, to promote samba as much as possible on the internet, social media, and gain even more strength!

ISD team created a very original format that was tested and approved in the first edition (2016), which we call "Flash Mob Online". Its main reason is to make the registration and participation for people from around the world, from different continents, different countries and time zones more flexible and easier.

There is no limited number of participants, the choreography is accessible to people of all dance backgrounds and all dance levels, and there is no financial commitment to take part in the Flash Mob.
It is the choice of each Coordinator whether the video will be filmed in public areas, or dance halls, and the day of filming organised as small or big event.

The most important is to participate! 


Please read carefully all information about International Samba Day Flash Mob:

-  All Rehearsals must be free of charge.

-  All new and existing coordinators from last year must register their teams for ISD 2019 by our Form. The registration time is limited and has a final date. Please see more information in section REGISTRA TION.


-  Official choreographies of ISD 2019 will be launched on 21th of July. Please save the date, and start planning rehearsals with your teams.

-  It is each coordinators choice which choreography to dance: samba de gafieira or samba no pé or both. The most important is to send only one video to ISD team. It is coordinators responsibility to edit all choreography videos into one, or to dance all choreographies at once and film from the different angles with few cameras and edit into one video afterwards.


The short video clips of rehearsals, or videos can be posted on social media during the time before the Flash Mob. All posted videos must tag an official ISD event page, or website or have a standard description including some sort of mentioning just to create more awareness about the upcoming event.


-  Videos of your team can only be posted on the social media on the official day of the event, which is 2nd of December 2019, after it had been edited by ISD team and returned back to local coordinators! That is the magic of togetherness of Flash Mob.

-  Video has to be send via Google Drive or www.wetransfer.com

-  ISD team will not modify the quality or sharpness of the video. It will be used original as sent.

-  In case teams perform different choreographies, or few cameras are used to film from a different angles, or different places – Coordinator is expected to edit all into only ONE video before sending to ISD team. ISD is not responsible for any editing!

-  It is no need for costumes, or matching clothes for this project, but it is each Coordinators and their teams decision in case prefer to use.

-  In case Coordinator decides to use a T-shirt for choreographies and filming of a Flash Mob, the official logo is available to be send in preferred format via email during the process of registration.

-  Please aware that selling T-shirts is not allowed to make a profit, it can only be used if participants agree to pay for their production.

-  The place of filming is a free choice of each Coordinator and a team. It can be in an open air, or closed place, or even at another event.


- It can be short video clips posted during the time of rehearsals, before the official ISD Flash Mob date. Maximum length of 60 sec.


-  It is no need of dance teachers qualification to become an ISD Coordinator. Passion for samba, and understanding of the main goal of the Flash Mob event, which is to promote samba around the world is a must!

-  It is each team Coordinators responsibility to provide all information about time, date and place of the rehearsals, and all other arrangements.

-  There is no minimum or maximum number of participants. It can be one couple or even one person.

-  In case there is no even number to make couples for samba de gafieira choreography, samba no pé choreography can be used for participants without a partner.

-  There is no limit of how many teams are in the same city, but ideally would be preferred for all the teams to join together for official filming of this city! Following the quote of ISD Flash Mob: “United we are stronger!” 


All coordinators have to register their teams via official form:

https://forms.gle/sUR42znFk8T1UvHL7 providing this information:


Please  register your team at: https://forms.gle/sUR42znFk8T1UvHL7


14 July - Invitation Video

14 July - Start of Registration of Coordinators and teams - Music Pool


21 July - Launch of Choreographies

13 October – Deadline for Coordinators and teams Registration


03 November – Deadline for sending the videos

2 December – Posting of ISD Flash Mob videos 2019